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I’m Late to the Steampunk Party

May 8, 2011

When the deafening roar of applause at my long pined for return subsides, I’ll tell you what I’m thinking for upcoming entries.

Zombie Themed Wedding.  It’s just cool.  I know it.  You know it.

Steampunk Themed Wedding.  x800.  Because that’s how many awesome Steampunk variations on  all wedding aspects you could come up with.  Also, I can make your bouquet.  There’s not a whole ton of Steampunk bouquets that pop up on google, which shocks the shit out of me.  Type in “steampunk bouquet” in an everything search on google, guess who you get.  Yeah, it’s me.  But you can’t have it, because it sold in less than eight hours.  But I’ll make you one. Just message me on Etsy.  This is what I do have for sale:

You can find that here, assuming someone else didn’t buy that one, too.  Again, it’s okay.  I can make you one of your own!
So hopefully my sorry blogging butt will be back again soon.  I only have a bjillion things favorited on Etsy that I’m dying to show you.  XOXO


NaNoWriMo Sale!

November 4, 2010

Hello there, book themed wedding geeks!  I thought I should alert you that all the items in my etsy shop using novels are 15% off for the month of November in honor of National Novel Writers Month.  I know the sale is good, because I choked a bit when I was changing all the prices!

For example, you can get this bouquet for $11.05!

Romance: Upsycled from a Dover edition of Shakespearse's Tempest

There are, of course, many other items of varying price range and style.  Please excuse my shameless plug and go back to your geek wedding planning.  Or to my shop to spend cash monies!

I’m not dead, but these awesome boxes are!

November 3, 2010

My Etsy has been taking off!  Six sales in the two weeks I’ve been posting products.  People really seem to love the Walking Dead boxes.  Now both a kick ass comic and a show on AMC.  Don’t be shy, I’m making more!  I think our parents would disown us if we used these as centerpieces, but I have seen some cool zombie themed wedding accents.

Creepy/Sexy zombie from Kirkman's The Walking Dead

I’ve also been featured in a blog, Periwinkle Dzyns.  Check it out.

Bringing the Geek to You!

October 16, 2010

As I’ve mentioned, my Etsy is now up and running!  It is great for your geek wedding needs!

I’m particularly pleased with the boutonnieres.  I made them when someone found my blog looking for nerdy boutonnieres, though I had yet to feature any.  When I tried to find some to display for my readers, I couldn’t.  Well, now I can.  Check it.

Made by yours truly and now on sale!

It’s not all just bouquets and boutonnieres.  There are also fun geek items you could give as gifts to your wedding party or incorporate into centerpieces.

So go fund my wedding by buying cool stuff for yours!

Nerd Nuptials Now on Etsy!

October 14, 2010

My Etsy is officially up and running!  Go check it out.  Also, buy stuff.  Help fund my own Nerd Nuptials.  Or my rent!  A good cause, either way!

Countdown to a Nerd Nuptials Etsy

October 13, 2010

Etsy is harder to set up than it initially seemed!  But I’ve upgraded my PayPal, read all Etsy terms and Instructions, figured out shipping and am ready to take the plunge.  I’m thinking it will prove to be a very worthwhile process.  I’ve also been having luck with Under The Green Umbrella.  Again, if you are local, go there.  I’ve bought the majority of my Christmas presents there.  A link to my very own Etsy is coming soon!

In the meantime, check out this bit of awesomeness.

How do we talk our wedding party into doing this?!

A nice shout out to Kevin Hellions getting two nods from Alison Haslip of AOTS.  Seriously cool.

Return of the Blogger

October 3, 2010

Have I disappeared?  Only completely and for several months.  My olive branch is pictures that illustrate the reason for my absence.  Coming to an etsy near you:

During this time, Mr. Hellions and I also stumbled upon a craft store called Under the Green Umbrella in Rome, NY.  It’s all handmade goods from local vendors.  It is FANTASTIC.  If you are local, go there.  Buy my stuff.  Buy the stuff of others.  If you’re not local, check out the owner’s Etsy, Tiny Bloom Toys for fantastic wooden toys.

Hopefully I will be back shortly with a link to my very own Etsy shop!  Later days, my geeks!