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Two Geeks Become One

June 21, 2010

A beginning about beginnings, how meta!  Welcome to Nerd Nuptials.  This is a blog about two geeks taking the plunge.  I am Elise, fiance of the world (wide web) renowned Kevin Hellions and soon to be Mrs. Hellions.  Get comfortable, adjust your desk chair and mouse pad.  It’s delightful to see you here!  Two nerds falling in love is a beautiful thing, and there are countless varieties of nerd.  From the drama dorks to the larpers, the rpg nuts and the wrestling marks, the book lovers, computer lovers, sci-fi lovers and the list goes on and on.

Kevin and I have a long history of geekery.  We met at college, in a playwrighting class.  He asked me to be his girlfriend by saying, “Will you by my top friend on Myspace?”  Yes, he really did.  Not only that, but Myspace was still a relevant social network at the time, yet to degenerate into a second-rate app whoring Facebook.  Needless to say, it was quite a while ago.

He continued this tradition with his New Year’s toast, referring to his looming proposal with, “To updating our Facebook statuses in 2010?”  The nerdiness is not confined to one liners about social networks.  We see all the comic movies.  Our first official date was Iron Man (the first).  I’ve surprised him by attending indie wrestling shows and worked my way up to WWE and TNA house shows.  With my guidance he watched all of and now never misses the new Doctor Who and Torchwood.  He’s currently getting through Buffy and Angel and eagerly awaits Farscape and Battlestar.

Now that I’ve hopefully dazzled you with this cursory introduction to the couple, let’s discuss the real purspose of this blog.  The reason we’re both here, you and me.  Mr. Hellions and I want our wedding to be a nerdy reflection of who we are.  Tasteful nerdy.  Geek chic, if you will.  But where exactly is the geek limit when tasteful becomes tacky?  Where do you draw the line between an action figure cake topper and title belts for the whole wedding party?  Should the crew enter to wrestling themes, the Star Wars music or something completely traditional?  How do you keep all these nerdy wedding elements cohesive?  And above all, how do you keep your significantly more traditional non-nerd parents from clawing at their hair and gnashing their teeth when they see what their geeky offspring have wrought?

These questions and more are what I’m here to figure out and document.  Over the next year or so (no date yet!) I will share the decisions and mishaps of a nerd and nerdette playing the brand new roles of groom and bride.  Come back.  Be wowed with pictures and progress.  I will read your advice.  We will delight each other with anecdotes and reparte.  We will embark on the one of a king journey that is Nerd Nuptials.

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