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A Geek Theme Wedding

June 22, 2010

Welcome back, new friend!  Today marks the beginning of the themed blog entry.  And today’s blog theme is our wedding theme!  I love me my meta.

As previously mentioned, our nerd love story began in a playwrighting class at a small college in Upstate New York.  A little more background is necessary.  Mr. Hellions majored in English Literature, while I was double majoring in Drama and English Creative Writing.  We were both the proverbial Sit in Front of the Class types.  Our professors took special interest.  We’d leave classes with the giddy high of active participation in class discussions.

Mr. Hellions spent years in the employ of a bookstore.  We both have dreams of being published and read as if literature may be banned at any moment and therefore we must digest as many books as possible.  I’m ravenous for Atwood and Gaiman, poetry, prose and plays, while he devours DC, Marvel, Vertigo, and Image, or blogs with the latest wrestling gossip, Topless Robot and so much more.  He even had a letter printed in a recent issue of Avengers!  I swell with geeky pride.

Despite all this, it took us a little while to come to the obvious decision on a wedding theme that would give our special day a unified feeling and really reflect us both perfectly.  Wait for it…

My ideal, appropriate, cool and fitting idea was: A garden theme!  ‘Cause weddings have flowers, and we’ll nurture our love so it can grow!  Come on people, amIrightorwhat?!?!  We actually stuck with this long enough to plan some elements.

I bought a ton of terra cotta pots on ebay and painted them with chalk board paint.  Found chalk on sale, so I could put a piece in each pot.  I planned to put in a bag of cheap seeds closer to the date, and each guest would get their own pot as a wedding favor.  They turned out pretty awesome.

Chalkboard Pots

Yes, eventually the actual obvious idea occurred to me.  I was skimming through the Summer 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.  Aside: I know she’s probably Satan in sweat shop peddling disguise, but her DIY ideas are fantastic!  Second aside: this engagement has turned me into a bridal magazine subscribing, TLC wedding show DVRing crazy person.  I never knew I’d be that girl, blame Mr. Hellions.  Anyhow, in this issue of the magazine there was a project that caught my eye.  They illustrated how to make a ring bearer book instead of a pillow.

It’s wicked!  And I immediately thought of related ideas.  I also no longer had any clue why two unique geeks were floundering around with a garden theme.  No offense to my horticulturist reader, it makes sense for you.  Thus the book theme was selected.  Ideas and projects started coming naturally.  The geek gods looked upon us and saw that it was good.

Return to me!  Next time I’ll tackle some specific elements of the book motif and do a little show and tell!

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