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The Sacrifices We Make for Love

June 25, 2010

Some of you may be thinking that a book themed wedding is not geeky enough to qualify as Nerd Nuptials.  I say to you, don’t be such a purist!  Walking around with a novel that wasn’t required reading for an English class in high school did not win you points with the popular crowd.  Hell, walking around with the novel that was required reading for an English class didn’t win you any points.

Furthermore, Mr. Hellions and I do not debate whether or not comics qualify as literature.  They’re certainly a unique genre, but anyone who has read the likes of Alan Moore knows that comics have what it takes.  The question is, how do we incorporate them to the same degree as we incorporate the prose?  The big, old stack of long boxes is somehow held more sacred than the rest of the books that line the shelves of our library. With the exception of my poetry anthologies and theatre books.  Nobody messes with my Complete Works of Williams Shakespeare or Backward and Forward by David Ball.

Some of our books.


When I’ve mentioned the possibility of upcycling a comic, Kevin Hellions looks at me like I’m Solomon and I’ve just asked if I can hold his baby.  I did manage to sway him when I showed him these gems from bookity on Etsy and these DIY decoupaged centerpieces.  He was no longer able to deny how awesome the integration of comics would be.

It didn’t really resolve the issue, though.  (Get it?  Issue, like a comic?  Yeah, I will sink to punning.)  Neither of us want to hack up copies of Preacher and Y the Last Man and buying extra copies compromises the almighty budget.  So we’ve concluded that duplicates of no financial or sentimental value are fair game.  We also dropped in to see the local comic peddler and raided the 6/1.00 bin.  Mr. Hellions assures me that at least six comics of the thirty will go to my crafty causes.  After he reads them, of course.  And if he doesn’t become attached to them.  I know, I know, but he’s making progress here.

I’m still debating the specific crafts I’ll undertake.  I don’t know how nice the paper roses would look made out of panels.  I’d love to attempt the decoupaged centerpieces, but it’s a miracle I can even spell it, let alone actually do it.  Given the small amount of comics I’ll have to work with, I’m not sure how much experimentation we’ll be able to undertake.  I’ll keep looking, and post whatever I find!

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