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DIY Update

July 2, 2010

Today is a quick update on the plethora of projects I have going on.  The paper flowers for the wedding are going quite well.  More than half done!

Paper Flowers

Boring Ass Life Roses

My attempt to improve the bouquet I had intended for future Etsy sale was a failure.  I learned a lot about how to construct a sturdy and full bouquet, though.  Next time!

Paper Flower Bouquet

The King Lear Bouquet was indeed a tragedy.

The decoupage boxes, on the other hand seem to be going quite well!

Paper Mache Box Decoupaged with Comics

Black Cat/Spiderman Oval Box

I know… Mary Jane would be more wedding appropriate, but I don’t have a huge stack of comics to upcycle, here.  And comics tend to favor the fighting over the kissing.  But I did win the ebay bid for a lot of Green Arrow Black Canary books!

Paper Mache Box Decoupaged with Comics

Spiderman/Black Cat on Heart Shaped Paper Mache Box

I’m trying not to put Heart Shaped Box lyrics in here.  Trying really, really hard.

Paper Mache Box Decoupaged with Comics

Wonder Man/Enchantress Hearth Shaped Box

Wonder Man.  I know.  Like I said, I don’t have a lot to work with.  At least I found some comics with smooching in them.

Paper Mache Box Decoupaged with Comics

All three boxes with covers.

Last DIY update: we found some great little vases at the Salvation Army yesterday.  I’ve painted them.  I enjoy them.

Vases painted with acrylic paint

Vases for the Centerpieces

Lastly, I leave you with a link I found to more varied nerdy wedding favors.  I adore the Scrabble Magnets!

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