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I’m Late to the Steampunk Party

May 8, 2011

When the deafening roar of applause at my long pined for return subsides, I’ll tell you what I’m thinking for upcoming entries.

Zombie Themed Wedding.  It’s just cool.  I know it.  You know it.

Steampunk Themed Wedding.  x800.  Because that’s how many awesome Steampunk variations on  all wedding aspects you could come up with.  Also, I can make your bouquet.  There’s not a whole ton of Steampunk bouquets that pop up on google, which shocks the shit out of me.  Type in “steampunk bouquet” in an everything search on google, guess who you get.  Yeah, it’s me.  But you can’t have it, because it sold in less than eight hours.  But I’ll make you one. Just message me on Etsy.  This is what I do have for sale:

You can find that here, assuming someone else didn’t buy that one, too.  Again, it’s okay.  I can make you one of your own!
So hopefully my sorry blogging butt will be back again soon.  I only have a bjillion things favorited on Etsy that I’m dying to show you.  XOXO

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