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Save the Dates. All the Dates.

July 6, 2010

I apologize for my two day absence.  Between the holiday and the heat wave I was out of commission.  Yesterday I barricaded myself in the bedroom with Mario Kart on gamecube and the AC blasting.

But here I am, loyal readers, melting in front of the computer on day two of this Central New York heat wave.  Just for you.  Today we shall discuss Save the Dates.

Saving the Date is important.  These cards are informal, sent out long in advance of the invitations, letting your intended guests know the where, when and any special details of your occasion.  Whoever established the names of these wedding traditions seriously lacked in creativity.  Still, without these, many people would not have enough notice to attend your wedding.  With our budget, I’m wondering if that would really be so bad.

My perception is that the invitations should be more formal and traditional, but the Save the Dates are where you can have some fun.  That is only my opinion, of course.

I have stumbled across many a geeky book themed idea.  The coolest, by far, was the couple who actually mailed out books.  They silk screened the pertinent information on the cover and mailed out freaking books!  The process of silk screening is actually not hard, but making the screen wouldn’t be easy for your casual DIY couple.  The real issue I have with this idea is the postage.  What does a stamp cost now?  Seven dollars and a ha’penny?  I don’t want to think about how much shipping a book to every potential guest must cost.

Second choice, which I will likely try to convince Kevin Hellions we should choose, is the library due date card, like this one from Blogger Brides.

Save the date

Behold the geeky adorable. Behold it!

Wicked fun DIY, inexpensive, naturally lends itself to sharing all the relevant information and totally appropriate for the book themed wedding.  I’ve seen many variations of this idea on ye olde interwebs, but this one was my favorite.

I’ve also seen instances of people sending bookmarks for their book themed wedding Save the Dates.  All the perks of using a bookmark as a favor apply here, as well.  Flexible for your budget, DIY friendly (though not necessary) and very easy to personalize.  I simply prefer them as a favor.

Another neat idea would be to write a flash fiction piece that incorporates all the information you need to convey to your guests.  I’d suggest using a larger font in bold for the names, date and location so it’s easier for your invitees to reference quickly.  If you didn’t know, it is Flash Fiction Month!

My last Etsy hocking post featured that great comic Save the Date, which (once again) I’d be all over if we could afford it.

You could make a collage out of newspaper or magazine clippings.  As with the flash fiction, I’d recommend making sure the pertinent details really pop out.

Save the Date Collage

I made this in two minutes, but it gets the idea across.

No matter what you choose, you don’t want it to drive your guests crazy trying to find the date they need to save.  Besides that, you can get as simple or elaborate as time and your budget allow.


Etsy for Every Wedding Need

July 3, 2010

The more I look at Etsy, the more I love it.  It is a treasure chest of geek art!  Today I’m going to highlight my favorites.


Janinebasil creates awesome comic inspired headpieces.  There are also more vintage and classy listings, if you’re not feeling quite this bold.  You can follow her on twitter.

Comic Headpiece

If only our mothers wouldn't kill me...

For any Renaissance/larp themed wedding (and you could totally wear it larping right after), I recommend these gorgeous circlets from dawnhilldesigns.

Princess Headpiece

This will make you feel like a princess!


I may end up buying one of these books folded into a heart for my own head table from novelbrand.

Heart Folded Book

Easy to love! Meh heh.

This next Etsy artist offers you a fantastic twofer.  Favorcakes provides favor boxes that double as an awesome centerpiece.

Batman Favor Cake

Invite the Dark Knight to your special day!


Elizavella fashioned this great comic jewelry! Again, she sells some more upscale work, as well.

Comic Jewelry Set

For a bride to wave her geek flag!

My uber talented friend has some great classy and steampunk pieces over at jamberrysong.

steampunk necklace

Beautiful time inspired piece

Save the Dates:

The tech savvy geeks will love this iPhone stationary from MKinPrint.

His and Hers iPhone Save the Dates

Just fantastic.

Lastly, these custom comic save the dates rock my world.  Swelser will design a comic cover you can send to your invitees.

Custom Comic Save the Date

Your guests will never forget the date with this!

So that is all for today.  Go to Etsy.  It’s great.  And have a safe holiday weekend!

DIY Update

July 2, 2010

Today is a quick update on the plethora of projects I have going on.  The paper flowers for the wedding are going quite well.  More than half done!

Paper Flowers

Boring Ass Life Roses

My attempt to improve the bouquet I had intended for future Etsy sale was a failure.  I learned a lot about how to construct a sturdy and full bouquet, though.  Next time!

Paper Flower Bouquet

The King Lear Bouquet was indeed a tragedy.

The decoupage boxes, on the other hand seem to be going quite well!

Paper Mache Box Decoupaged with Comics

Black Cat/Spiderman Oval Box

I know… Mary Jane would be more wedding appropriate, but I don’t have a huge stack of comics to upcycle, here.  And comics tend to favor the fighting over the kissing.  But I did win the ebay bid for a lot of Green Arrow Black Canary books!

Paper Mache Box Decoupaged with Comics

Spiderman/Black Cat on Heart Shaped Paper Mache Box

I’m trying not to put Heart Shaped Box lyrics in here.  Trying really, really hard.

Paper Mache Box Decoupaged with Comics

Wonder Man/Enchantress Hearth Shaped Box

Wonder Man.  I know.  Like I said, I don’t have a lot to work with.  At least I found some comics with smooching in them.

Paper Mache Box Decoupaged with Comics

All three boxes with covers.

Last DIY update: we found some great little vases at the Salvation Army yesterday.  I’ve painted them.  I enjoy them.

Vases painted with acrylic paint

Vases for the Centerpieces

Lastly, I leave you with a link I found to more varied nerdy wedding favors.  I adore the Scrabble Magnets!

Geek Guest Books

July 1, 2010

The guest book.  It is the book which guests sign so you remember who came to your wedding.  As if the deer antler lamp you received from Great Aunt Gertie that you are forever obligated to display in your living room weren’t reminder enough.  I jest.  Often attendees will write a special (and just as often cliched) message.

For a book themed wedding, it’s not difficult to get creative with this custom.  I adore the idea of setting up a classic typewriter and letting guests type their entry.  If you don’t already have access to one, it’s hell on the budget.  Why pay a few hundred on ebay when you can spend an average of twenty on a traditional book?

Thank you, Martha!

Decorated a plain book is a great way to get your geek DIY on.  Does WWE rock your world?  Glue their logo on the cover.  Or you could make a little mock up title match ad for you and your soon-to-be spouse, if you desire more originality than that.

If it’s comics you crave, then put the emblem of your superhero of choice on the cover.  Or you could get an artistic friend to draw your fiance and yourself as superheroes on it.

Are you more of a nonconformist?  Of course you are.  You don’t want the damn book and can’t afford the typewriter.  There’s a solution for you, too, my friend.  Print out little slips of paper to complement your geek theme of choice and accordingly decorate a keepsake box for guests to drop them into.  For something totally unique, create a free standing skyline (paper mache, draw on cardboard, whatever suits you) and print out pictures of all you favorite superheroes.  Guests can sign them and pin them to the skyline.

This puzzle guest book from customdogbandanas seems like good geek fun.

Who loves Etsy? I do!

While were at Etsy, if I had a grand I could drop on a guest book, it would definitely be this book from artorbust.

Kevin Hellions and I have opted for another Martha Stewart idea.  She’s like DIY crack, I’m telling you.  The first hit is free, and then you’re hooked.  Right, so we will put a guest book on each table with specific questions.  For example, why do you think we’re meant to be together?  Somewhat traditional, but at least it’ll help us avoid the usual cliche entries.  Ideally it will help get people to mingle by going to other tables so they can respond to other questions.

No matter what you pick, you really can’t go wrong.  This aspect is a keepsake for you, not the guests.  Pick something that you’re going to enjoy for years to come!  What was I saying earlier about cliches?  Nevermind.  I’m sure it wasn’t important.  These are not the droids you’re looking for.

Get Centered

June 29, 2010

Centerpieces.  They are pieces for the aforementioned tables.  Rather self-explanatory, no?  Traditionally, they feature some type of flower.  Also previously addressed, Kevin Hellions and I have opted for Boring Ass Life paper roses instead of real or cloth blooms.  That takes care of what is already established.

The roses alone are not enough for a centerpiece.  The obvious answer is to actually display books.  Using texts by the featured author of each table would be a really nice touch, but I shudder at the idea of misplacing a Gaiman novel, or a guest mistaking the display for a favor.  There are tons of people dying for a copy of Smoke and Mirrors, right?  Okay, probably not, but even so, I can’t risk the possibility.  Some great pics of what I have in mind are click your mouse here kthxbai.  Also, here.

Instead, Mr. Hellions and I will be cruising garage sales, the Salvation Army, and our own collection for books we could stand to part with.  Imagine hardcovers with homemade contact paper jackets in our wedding colors (sage and rose).  How cute would that be?  Yes, this really is what I get excited about these days.  We could even make up amusing fake titles to write on the spines. Love in the Times of H1N1.

Since we will not be using actual texts by the featured authors at each table, I found a cool alternative.  Each table can have a framed picture of its author.  That way, I can really highlight the Atwood table, without gambling whether or not I’ll see my copy of Blind Assassin again.

My goal with the centerpieces is to have them all coordinated, but no two identical.  Some tables can have the books stacked and tied with a ribbon, while others can have little bookends holding them up.  Some flowers can be scattered around the books, while others will be made into bouquets and placed in little vases.

Another element we’ll incorporate are the paper mache boxes decoupaged with comics.  Side note: DIY wedding adventures have done much for my spelling.  I had no idea how to spell paper mache or decoupage two weeks ago.

In order to unify all these elements, I’ll paint the vases, bookends and frames to match our color scheme.  I swear, Martha Stewart has become the little voice in my head.  If I offer you a job in my factory, you may want to decline.  That is all.

Projecty Goodness

June 28, 2010

Welcome to my first (and hopefully only) Haul Blog.  My Mamma Bear and  I went to Michaels yesterday for their super awesome sale.  They had a coupon for 15% off of your entire purchase.  With all the DIY I’ve been into lately, I figured it was an ideal time to stock up on supplies.

For starters, Kevin Hellions decided we definitely need some decoupaged comic decor for our reception.  I did roughly two minutes of research, assumed I had the necessary skill and made my list: comics (check), Mod Podge (matte, as I could do without the glare as seen in those pictures) and something-to-decoupage-on.

I did roughly two more minutes research (what can I say, I like to be thorough) and decided that paper mache boxes would be the most cost efficient and effective something-to-decoupage-on.

With my now complete list for Mr. Hellions, I worked on a second list.  Cue digression.  I’ve been doing so much surfing on Etsy and making so many paper flowers, that I’ve started to wonder if I shouldn’t make an Etsy shop of my own.  My friend has a fantastic shop and reading all her updates about jewelery making has rather inspired me.  So I made an additional little supply list of my own.

The trip was very successful.  I purchased the Mod Podge and a bunch of paper mache boxes.

Various types of paper mache boxes.

See the book?!  How perfect is that?  For my side project, I bought pieces to make a bouquet, a wrist corsage band and a couple lapel pins.Pins and strap

I made flowers prior to the trip for an experimental bouquet.  After I saw it completed, I rather wanted to keep it for my own wedding.  Since I won’t be able to keep it either way, what with the bouquet tossing tradition, I ought to see if it can sell.  Yet, to be perfectly contradictory, I wonder if it’s nice enough for someone to want to pay for it.  I’ve already started working on three bigger flowers to add and rearrange it, but this is how it looks after my first attempt.


More posts will follow with progress of these various projects.